Star Modular supplies, installs and maintains durable plastic modular belting of quality, in a variety of styles, including flat, radial, spiral, and dynamic-ball belts.


These belting types come in an almost infinite combination of lengths and widths. Construction of the belts is in a “bricklay” fashion, giving huge flexibility in conveyor design. They can be fitted with flights, sidewalls and other accessories as required.

Frequently used in industry because of their ability to form curves and spirals – whilst still firmly supporting the product- they are also much in demand for straight runs of flat-top and flush grid configurations where strength and durability are required

One feature of this belt type is that if a section is damaged, then only that section needs to be replaced. More conventional belts such as PVC or Rubber normally require that an entire belt be replaced.

Not all plastic modular belts are created equal.

Plastic Modular Belting is made from different types of plastic, all with unique properties. 

Whichever type suits your needs, Star Modular can provide it in radial, spiral and flat-top configurations.


This has good impact strength, but its primary use is in cold temperatures. It can withstand temperatures down to -73 degrees centigrade. A flexible material that is also good in radial curves, spirals etc.


A very common belting choice, this has good strength and impact resistance. It has excellent resistance to chemicals (Acid and Alkali)and is able to withstand higher temperatures than the other modular belting materials – up to 100 degrees centigrade in its standard form. Temperature resistance of up to 260 degrees centigrade is possible with special additives.


Sometimes referred to as “POM” (PolyOxyMethylene), this material is very hard, giving it reduced friction against both its support frame, and the carried product. It has a temperature range of between -40 and +90 degrees centigrade. Also available in Anti Static if required Other special materials are available, please enquire All materials are available in Food safe material and are FDA and EU approved for direct food contact”.

PA Material

PA (HR Nylon) is available for dry, elevated temperature applications and complies with FDA regulations for use in food processing and packaging applications.

• Upper temperature limit of 180 Deg C

HK [Super Tough]

Engineered Polymer for Today’s Food Safety Requirements

HK is an “eco-friendly” polymer, whose backbone consists only of carbons. It is highly crystalline with a compact structure, resulting in unsurpassed impact, chemical and abrasion resistance. Our HK plastic modular belting can, simultaneously, withstand: High levels of drop-impact; Prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals; and excessive wear from friction and/or abrasion.

We had been continuously replacing sections of belting within one of our Intralox conveyors spending £4k over 2 years which caused countless breakdowns with product damage.

Andrew measured the conveyor and noticed the conveyor was built exactly to the minimum bending radius with tight turning modules on one side only, over stressing the belt causing the repeated failures. He recommended replacing it with their tight turning belt and we have had no issues over the 9 months it has been installed. 


I have just received the belt we recently ordered from you. I just wanted to say that the quality of the belt is excellent.

This is for a new customer and I feel sure he will be very happy and further orders will happen.

Many Thanks for the excellent product and service.


We at Fine Lady Bakeries Ltd have used Star modular belting for many years comparing their belts with other companies we have found they last long and are very hard wearing as a bonus they are very competitive to other belt manufacturers and with a lot of stock held for us in the UK delivery is normally very quick I would recommend Star Modular Belting to any company or bakery using these types of belts.

FRANCIS FURLONG, Fine Lady Bakeries

Star Modular

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